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  • diyoyo


    I use Fiji with all the preloaded plugins and the ones I had before (Icy) as well, and I would like to know whether I can tell Icy to go look for that version of ImageJ instead of the preloaded one?

    Do I need to do a simple copy/paste of the Fiji folder in Icy, or do I have the option to change a pref file, telling Icy where to look for ImageJ, so that I can keep my current folder organisation?




    Stephane Dallongeville


    Unfortunately you can’t use an external ImageJ folder to work with Icy.
    That is something we tried to work out but that is definitely not easy to do. We will give another shoot on this but in the meantime you can indeed copy content of your ImageJ into the ij folder of Icy (note that it supports only ImageJ, not Fiji which bring majors changes to ImageJ).

    Hope that helps.

    – Stephane

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