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  • Stephane Dallongeville

    Hi Noaht,

    Indeed it’s the way we resolved the issue too here, just moving Icy to Applications folder was enough to fix this weird issue (to be honest i couldn’t really understand what was happening).

    Thanks for sharing !

    – Stephane

    Joao Victor Cabral


    I just tried to install Icy on my Mac but I haven’t succeeded =(

    1. I downloaded and unzipped icy_osx_2.0.2.0, transferred the file to the application folder
    2. Downloaded JDK8

    After this, when I click to open the app a dialogue message says: The application “icy” can’t be opened.

    Is there anything I could do? Thanks



    One thing I’ve seen work for some people is to go into the folder and try to open Icy by clicking the icy.jar file there

    Joao Victor Cabral

    Hi noaht, thank you for your tip! It worked =)

    Stephane Dallongeville

    Did you try the tips on the download page : ?

      Note that the first time you try to launch the application it may not work because of the default Security preferences. You can force it by doing right click on the application icon (or Ctrl+click) and use Open command. Validate the Open operation then now you should now be able to use Icy normally.
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