Only middle Z-stack loaded when trying to open N images of same project

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  • diyoyo


    I have trouble opening multiple z-stacks from my .lif project.

    When trying to open N images from the Image Chooser that is displayed upon .lif drag&drop, the first few images are ok, but the rest are only showing the middle stack. The other z’s are present in number, but black in terms of signal.

    Test is reproducible when opening 8 stacks simultaneously in a 750MB .lif file where each stack is approx. 70MB.

    Max Heap is set to 15Gb.

    Test is only randomly reproducible, but still existing for lower amount of stacks from the same project.

    Stephane Dallongeville

    Hi Diyoyo,

    There is a known bug affecting Icy 2.0 with multiple series image. If you open several series from the same Dialog, then when you close the first opened series, others images won’t correctly fetch their new images correctly (this is caused by the new lazy image loading feature of Icy 2.0). We already fixed the bug internally but not yet dispatched it.

    To avoid the problem in the meantime, just open one series at a time (i mean, just select 1 series to open from the dialog and re-open the dialog for further opening) or minimize your images instead of closing it while you’re working on multiple series opened from the same dataset.


    – Stephane

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