Spot detector does not detect all the "target" spots, what can I do ?

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  • Adèle Lunati


    I often use Thresholder + Spot Detector to mesure the number, area and intensity of spots in my immunofluorescent samples. However, I often notice that some spots are left behind, despite being around the same size as other spots that are being detected.

    The settings chosen should be correct and the majority of target spots are detected, but still, a good number are lost… (see below.)

    Would anyone know a way to maximize the number of spots detected, or another plugin to use in addition to Spot Detector ?

    Thank you very much.

    (in red= detected spots, blue circle= undetected spots.)


    Stephane Dallongeville

    Dear Adèle,

    You definitely don’t need to use the Thresholder plugin before Spot Detector, the later is made to be used in noisy condition and it’s better to use it on the original image.
    Can you provide an image sample ? so i can do some tests with it as we should be able to have better detection that what you obtain indeed. Thanks.

    – Stephane

    Adèle Lunati

    Bonjour Stephane,

    Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse. Je vous envoie de suite un exemple d’image à analyser sur votre adresse email.

    Les données que je cherche à obtenir sont: le nombre de spot, leur aire et leur intensité.

    Merci encore pour votre aide.

    • Adèle
    Stephane Dallongeville

    I’m sending you a protocol (by email) so you can directly apply it to any similar image.

    Here’s a preview of the result i can obtain with it :


    – Stephane

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