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  • noaht

    Recently I was having issues with using the spot tracking plugin, so I uninstalled and re-downloaded Icy. Now I am unable to use even the spot detector plugin. The plugin seems to run fine, however it will never seem to complete its detection or show any sign of detected points in my videos despite seeming to create an overlay wrapper layer as soon as I run it. Any advice on how to solve this would be great, I’ve already uninstalled and re-installed Java, Icy, and the stop detector plugin.


    Stephane Dallongeville

    Hi Noaht,

    Can you provide more information about the image you try to process (large dataset or not), also what is your system and java version ? There is no reason that you don’t see the result. Maybe it’s slower for some reasons (as since Icy 2 we use lazy data loading and you can use caching which make processing slower) but after sometime you should see the result, check the CPU usage in the monitor, if the CPU is still up it means it’s still processing the image.


    – Stephane

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