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Detects aggregates and export results to excel file.


Aggregate detector detects agregate in fluorescent images:

1. Select the threshold value, and the channel in which you wish to detect aggregates.

2. Create some ROIArea to segment your cells

3. Play !


The xls file with your results will be at the same location as the original file, with a .xls extension, you will see 2 outputs: 1 sheet with the details of the detection for each ROI and a second one called overview, filled with the number of detection per ROI. The output also provides the number of detection outside ROIs. For each detection, the number of point is provided. If you wish to convert to um^3 for instance, you just need to multiply by the current scale.

Tip: if you use 3D stacks, the detection will tend to be merged. This is due to a too low threshold.

Tip2: if some aggregates are so small that they don't appear, think about the volume threshold that is set to 10 pixels by default, meaning the very tiny detection will be excluded automatically.

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  • Version • Released on: 2014-06-12 15:57:13