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Creates a chessboard image from two given images with the same dimensions. Comparison tool for image registration, filtering or noise reduction.


The chessboard plugin is a simple yet powerful comparison tool that can be used for
  • image registration: compare alignment. If the two images are not perfectly registered, one should see a shift between the tiles
  • filtering: compare filter image (gaussian, laplacian…) with the original image
  • noise reduction: compare processed image with the original image
The pixel size of the chessboard tile can be adjusted with the Size of partition square parameter and needs to be strictly superior to zero.
Note that the plugin takes the image a a single channel image and thus ignores the LUT of the image. You may need to use the Build RGB image plugin, as done below, prior to the superposition of the two images.
A. Plugin B. Original image C. & D. Transformed images (15 degree rotation) E. & F. Chessboard with original image B. and transformed image, resp. C. or D. Registration done with the plugin BigBUnwarp

Source original image

Documentation of the BigBunwarp plugin.

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