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Rescale one or more ROI in a sequence about their center of mass


This plugin allows you to rescale either all or a selection of ROI in a sequence.

You may use this plugin as a standalone tool, or directly within the “Protocols” interface.

The current version is able to rescale all 2D ROI, with the exception of 2D areas. To manipulate other ROI (area, 3D, etc.), have a look at the “Erode ROI” and “Dilate ROI” blocks (available in protocol mode)

3 reviews on “Rescale ROI

  1. S
    Nice plugin. Would be even better if ROI could be shrinked or expanded by a defined number of pixels in addition to rescaling. 5 stars if 2D areas could be changed
  2. X
    Same comment to the previous ones. Scaling a 2D area would allow working on binned data before applying the mask back to the raw-data. Essential in the processing of large 3D EM datasets... Anyway, thanks a lot.

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  • Version • Released on: 2013-11-07 20:11:57