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This plugin uses the Ripley’s K function to analyze robustly the spatial organization of molecules.



This plugin allows the statistical analysis of the spatial distributions of molecules in one or several field of views (ROIs).

It is based on the Ripley’s K function which counts the number of pairs of points that are closer than a parameter r. Comparing the values of the K function to its critical quantiles under spatial randomness then allows to assess statistically the presence of clusters (K(r)>quantile at level (1-alpha)) or dispersion (K(r)< quantile at level alpha)

How to use the plugin in detail:

Spatial Analysis

The methodology is detailed in the article

Lagache, T., Lang, G., Sauvonnet, N., & Olivo-Marin, J. C. (2013). Analysis of the spatial organization of molecules with robust statistics. PLoS One8(12).

A PPT presentation of the article is shown hereafter:


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  1. Fabrice de Chaumont
    Very well documented ! Good idea to put the full presentation ! It's impressive to see how impossible it is to distinguish clusters by eye. Good to have this quantification !

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