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Use this tool to create Icy’s splashscreens.


Splashscreens are small images featuring a plugin. They are displayed when launching the Icy software.

Below are some examples of splashscreens:

Create a splashscreen for your plugin

Interested in creating a splashscreen to feature your own plugin? Use the Splash Screen Maker plugin to prepare your splashcreen. Upload your splashscreen along with your plugin description, then contact the Icy kernel developers on the forum, categorie “Development”, tag “icy” to ask for your splashscreen to be added to the list of images displayed upon Icy launching.

How to use the Splash Screen Maker


input sequence: an image describing your plugin. Provide an input image.

xOffset and yOffset (positive integers): change the offset to adjust the position of your image. Note that the Splash Screen plugin adds a blue banner on the left (see message section below) that hides the upper left corner of the image (approximatively 300×230 pixels).


On the upper row, erase “Plugin Name” and write the plugin name or a short title (recommended).

On the lower row, write a subtitle (optional).

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    minor fix

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    fix: The logo file was missing

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