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Plugin to export tracks from the trackmanager plugin into CSV files. This plugin is based on the "TrackProcessorExportTrackToXLS" plugin but removes the 65k lines limitation of the XLS export library. This limitation causes a crash in the XLS export plugin when it reaches the maximal number of lines, hence loosing all non-saved track data. You should use this plugin when you have more than 65k points in your tracks. The created CSV file can then be straightforwardly imported in your favorite spreadsheet processor.

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  • Version • Released on: 2017-06-27 17:11:42

    Now compatible with java 6.

  • Version • Released on: 2017-03-22 15:42:20

    Now Compile with java 7 (instead of java 8)

  • Version • Released on: 2017-03-13 15:27:58
  • Version • Released on: 2017-03-13 14:36:06