Spot detector scale 2 and 3

Publication ID: ICY-N8K6I5

Short Description

This protocol allows detecting spots using wavelet spots detector plugin.
It combines the wavelets spot detector for scale 2 and 3 and export the spots localization in a single ROI over the picture to visualize them on a single layer.

Team: Lydia Danglot
Institution: INSERM


It’s useful to test different sensitivity and check visually the results using the layer tab (clicking on and off on the eye) to get the clusters over the picture.

Combination of scale 2 & 3 allows to detect in one step small and bigger spots.

The user can chose the channel where to detect spots (bloc #2), indicate the sensitivity of the scale 2 (#3) and scale 3 (#4).

The color of the ROI can be changed in bloc #5.

By default, the ROI is purple, opacity (80%) and named following parameters.

For space saving, some parameters are externalized, so that the workflow can be collapsed and used in other protocol.











Here is an image and the expected result (you can download it on

By clicking on and off on the eye in the layer tab, you can see the clusters over the picture.



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  • Version 2 • Released on: 2020-06-28 00:00:00

    ROI name has been renamed with parameters. Mask color can be chosen in block 5.

  • Version 1 • Released on: 2015-11-30 15:15:00

    Initial version