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The Substructure Analyzer workflow allows automatic analysis of fluorescent signals in cellular compartments and measurement of different features such as brightness, foci number, foci size, and spatial distribution. It includes the pre-processing of images to improve the signal to noise ratio, the individual segmentation of cells and the detection/quantification of cell bodies enriched in specific cell compartments.

Substructure Analyzer integrates both simple and more sophisticated segmentation algorithms to propose different alternatives adapted to image complexity and user needs. It notably proposes the marker-based watershed algorithm for highly clustered objects. This workflow addresses several issues such as quantification of signal translocation, analysis of transfected cells expressing a fluorescent reporter, or analysis of foci from different cellular substructures in individual cells.

Team: IMoPA, UMR7365
Institution: Université de Lorraine, CNRS
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  • Version 2 • Released on: 2020-06-12 00:00:00