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    I am using active contour to segment cells accorss the cell cycle and I am having issues with mitosis. we image every 6 min but active contour often misses one or the 2 daughter cells at anaphase.

    I tried ticking “”watch entering objeects” which works well but have the issue that it now detects any debris or floating stuff as a cell.

    Is it possible to restrict the size of the “entering” objects?

    I tried playing with division sensitivity but it did not work (segemented my metaphase nucleus in 2).


    obviously you can clean up afterwards but it’d be good if it can be done before it generates additional areas..

    maybe it’s a feature request: restrict size of entering objects and min and/or max intensity

    Stephane Dallongeville

    Hi Deborah,

    The problem is that Active Contour plugin already has many input parameters to say the least ! I think that it’s better to not increase it if possible to not make it more complex than it is already ^^ even more when we can just filter results afterward (this can be done automatically too, with a protocol). If the filtering is working in your case then it’s probably better going that way 🙂


    – Stephane

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