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  • Marion Louveaux

    Dear all,

    We are joining the community Image.sc forum. For this reason, the Icy forum is now closed and will be soon accessible as “read only”.

    For all your questions related to bioimage analysis, to Icy plugins/protocols/scripts and others, for all your feature requests and bug reports, you should now post your message on the image.sc forumhttps://forum.image.sc/tag/icy Click on “New Topic” to create a new topic.

    Please read the guidelines & FAQ of the forum before posting: https://forum.image.sc/guidelines and https://forum.image.sc/t/frequently-asked-questions/18729

    Consult the about page to find all moderators and administrators of the forum: https://forum.image.sc/about

    See you soon on the Image.sc forum!

    Best regards,
    Marion & Stéphane for the Icy team

    Marion Louveaux

    When posting a message on the Image.sc forum, don’t forget to add the tag “Icy”.

    Use the following categories for the following topics:

    “Image Analysis” ->general questions on how to analyse an image

    “Usage & Issues” -> issues with a plugin, bug report

    “Development” -> feature request

    Marion Louveaux

    To follow all “icy” related topics on the Image.sc forum, go to your profile, then in the Preferences -> Notifications -> Tags and write “icy” in the watched tags:

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