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  • diyoyo


    not sure whether it is feasible or not, but I haven’t figured out an easy way to test some processing tools and go back to the original state afterwards to adapt the processing.

    Currently, I always have to create a hard copy of the current stack (using the “Duplicate” from the top ribbon rather than the window duplicate from the image window), then perform the test, and then, if I am not happy, doing it again from the original image window to try something else. And if by mistake I do remove the original window, then I have to reopen the image.

    Wouldn’t it be simpler to just add more Ctrl-Z options whenever there is an action performed ? I had the same problem in ImageJ but never understood what made it impossible or super-low-priority for developers.

    Stephane Dallongeville


    In fact Icy does have an undo feature but it can work only if plugin supports it and unfortunately for now only a (very) few plugin support it (but almost all internal commands does support it).
    There is no easy way to know what a plugin does to an image (and even know that it modified it) so it’s not easy to recover the previous state, also saving the whole stack for each step would consume memory too quickly (or only the last step could be reverted).
    Still if you want to quickly test settings for a plugin, you can try to use the Protocols instead, many plugin are compatible with Protocols and normally they always try to preserve initial image state (and generating new image for each process).


    – Stephane

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