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    Hello … I need Help with Spot Detector and Colocalization Studio

    i use very well, but i need help.

    Colocalization Studio shows in my cells the spots that are collocating in green (same as the tutorial video shows us) but in what part of the results does the effective amount of collocation appear within a roi? In their video tutorial there are 8 spots that they place (in which part of the sheet are they quantified?)
    What happens is that I work with cells where the colocalization is a few dozen.

    Could you please help me?


    Cristian Malhue

    Could you please help me


    Cristian Malhue




    chiara elia

    Good morning, I think I have the same problem and question. After applying “Spot Detector” and “Colocalization Studio”, I can’t find the colocalization files or images with ROI or set parameters of Roi, that the CoLocS plugin allows to export. When I name the excel file and I choose the file saving path, the plugin only exports the excel file with the three possible analyzes: distance analysis, parametric and soda Ripley’s. I hope in your help to use this interesting analysis program. Thank you, Chiara Elia

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