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  • Silvie Rimpelová

    I wanted to install Icy 2 due to the tomorrow´s webinar, but the download does not work. It gives some small 5 kB file (.htm), which is not possible to open nor install. Can you help please?

    Stephane Dallongeville

    Hi Silvie,

    When you click on the download button you should arrive on the download page looking like this :

    Is it your case ? If yes, then just clicking on Download for XXX should give you the zip file (256 MB).

    I just tested and it appears to work correctly for the 3 versions (Windows, OSX and Linux). If it doesn’t work for you, please can you give us more information about the browser / system you’re using.


    – Stephane


    Silvie Rimpelová

    Dear Stephane,


    unfortunately, it still does not work – on my laptop, operation system Windows, webbrowser Google Chrom. I tried it at at work at a desktop computer (the same operation system and browser) and it works normally – a zip file downloaded), but I would actually need it on the laptop, on which a weird small 5 kb file is downloaded from the same link.


    Thank you for help.


    Silvie Rimpelová

    Of course I can copy the zip file. But what is the reason that it does not work?

    Silvie Rimpelová

    So, it worked, but now I have another problem – on the laptop the plugina installation failed. How can I solve it? Thank you.

    Stephane Dallongeville

    Regarding the download problem you experienced on your laptop, can you copy the content of the received html file here ? It can help in understanding what happened, thanks.

    About the plugins installation now, are you using a proxy on your Laptop ? If yes you can go into Icy Preferences and change the network setting so it’s correctly using the proxy. If you’re not using a proxy then i guess there is some kind of limitation to your connection which may also explain why the initial Icy download failed. Maybe you also have an (aggressive) antivirus installed ?

    – Stephane

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