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  • Frederic Marion-Poll

    dear all,

    First, bravo to Stephane and all people who contributed to this new version and to the new website!

    I tried to read a stack of jpg files recorded from a webcam (time lapse) in virtual mode. I have 3 questions:
    – It works ok for 30-100 images but it does not with 1500 files. Is there an issue with a variable that counts the number of files? I also see the following message
    Warning: SequenceFileSticher – number of image doesn’t match: 108 (expected = 116)

    – By default, my stack is read in Z mode. Is there a way to tell the program to read the stack in t mode?
    – When the files are on a remote storage and accessed via our ethernel internal network, some images are not read. Is there a mechanism to cope with erroneous readings in this virtual mode?


    PS link to a zip file with these jpg files has been sent to Stephane

    Stephane Dallongeville

    Dear Frederic,

    Thanks for your very kind message 🙂 We hope you appreciate the new website and the Icy version =)
    About your question, Icy doesn’t recognize the date time format from your images filename (i received your images, thanks) so you need to open your images using the open dialog and select the option Group files (no ordering):

    so it will open your timelaps image correctly as default ordering is time.

    About the remote storage, we need to do some tests about error recovering. I guess you obtain empty images currently ? What you would expect as “normal behavior” ?


    – Stephane

    Frederic Marion-Poll

    Thank you so much, Stephane. I works like a breeze. I will look at the question concerning files on a network later. Good job!



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