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Alexandre Dufour
15 Dec 2011 10:00
Nice little tool !
Few comments / requests:
- add a "tiny" margin inside the text area
- the fonts used in the component ("text", "font" etc.) seem strange and aliased...
- the text on the buttons are not explicit enough (one should read the doc online to just type/remove text)
- is saving text possible within the xml file ? That would be super handy (right now only the anchor is saved)
good work anyway!


by Thomas Provoost

Simple tool to add annotations on your images.

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Tags: annotation - tools - gui


Update 1.2: XML Modifications

Only for users of previous version

The new version is fully compatible with the notes. However, a small modification in the XML files of the sequences must be done in order to have them fully working:

  1. If the sequence is opened in Icy, close it.
  2. Open the xml file of your sequence with a text editor (the xml file is located in the same directory as your images, and is named as the sequence in Icy).
  3. In the XML file, find the <Annotation> tag and add a <PainterNote> tag below. At the end of the file, you should find an </Annotation> tag, and add </PainterNote> above.
  4. Close the XML file
  5. Load the sequence
  6. Your notes are fully loaded in a painter called Painter Note.


This plugin allows the user to create and edit annotations. Annotations are blocks of text that the user can put anywhere in the sequence. Run the plugin to get the GUI with all the features. Once a note is added to a sequence, left click on it to edit this one. If you closed your GUI and you have some notes on your sequence, right click and select "edit" to display the GUI.

As of now, the annotations are saved when the sequence is closed, but you have to run the plugin at least once to be able to see all the annotations in the image.


Text: type here the text you want to see displayed.

Font: you can use any font installed in your Operating System.

Size: type the size you want and hit enter.

Style: choose between PLAIN / BOLD / ITALIC

Justification: as of now, there is no other justification than LEFT.


For developers: createNote() and convertRoiToNote() methods are available.