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  • diyoyo

    Hi, this is not completely a bug, but rather an likely-unwanted behavior.

    1. I double-click on a .lif file to open its contents

    First comment: it opens only the first z-stack from the project, rather than the Chooser that appears if you do a drag and drop on an open Icy instance

    2. I play around in icy, then I double-click on another .lif file to open the contents in Icy

    It shows: “Icy is already opened, do you want to open it anyways?” and if Yes, opens a second instance of Icy, rather than open the file in the current instance.

    Again, only the first record of the .lif project is opened, instead of displaying the Chooser.


    PS: sorry, this is in fact 2 bugs in one.

    Stephane Dallongeville

    Hi Diyoyo

    Thanks for your reports !

    1) Sometime we want to open directly images without annoying user with an extra dialog. Command line operation (as this is the case here) often want automatic / quick processing but here if we don’t set extra process (plugin / script…) i guess we can still show the series selector.

    2) To be honest we never though about using Icy as default image reader as Icy is quite heavy and take a very long time to launch. In fact it happens often that users want to open severals instance of Icy, much more than just open a new image in Icy just by double clicking it (in which case we just drag & drop it over Icy). Not sure we can find an easy solution for this one…

    Thanks again for your feedback in general and taking time to report your findings 🙂


    – Stephane

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