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  • Giovanni Cardone


    on a Windows Server with OpenJDK8 the executable icy.exe doesn’t run successfully, basically complaining that it cannot find a Java Runtime Environment. The path to the java bin directory is added to the environment variable PATH, and its parent directory is assigned to JAVA_HOME. With these settings I can launch Icy from a terminal using the command java -jar C:\Program Files\icy\updater.jar, but still the executable icy.exe will not run. Is there any way to help the executable to find java?



    Stephane Dallongeville

    Hi Giovanni,

    We are using Launch4J tool to build the windows wrapper.
    Giving this post:

    It seems that Launch4J does requires some registry information to be set, so using an openJDK installer providing that option (Adopt OpenJDK or ojdkbuild installers) it should work.

    We will try to adapt the launcher so it only relies on JAVA_HOME environment variable instead of registry for the next version as OpenJDK will be more and more used in future.


    – Stephane

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