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  • John Brzorad

    I am new to ICY. My task is simple. I am taking photos of the forest canopy from the ground pointing up.

    I have converted the jpeg images in ICY to grey scale. I notice as I scroll over the photo I get an X, Y, and pixel value (a single number since it is grey scale). I am just looking for a way to export these X,Y and pixel values as an Excel spreadsheet. I want to just do a histogram of the light and dark pixels to quantify how much light reaches the forest floor.

    Stephane Dallongeville

    Hi John,

    Icy already expose the histogram than you can export to excel by doing a right-click on the histogram :

    If you want to compute the histogram only on a sub part of the image then you need to crop your image.

    You also have a script called “ROI pixels CSV export” than you can find through the top search bar which allow to export all pixels values contained in a ROI (Region Of Interest) in a CSV file.

    Hope that helps.


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