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  • Guillaume Gay


    I’m restarting the development of a plugin (that stopped in 2015). I only have the java files, and it relies on maven for compilation. My issue is that it gathers icy source from this address: – which is returns 404’s. the codes needs pom.xml files for all the plugins it depends on and from Icy itself, and I can’t find them in the distributed zip I downloaded.

    Is there a source code repository where those pom.xml files are available? Is Icy relying on maven for compilation also?

    Stephane Dallongeville

    Hi Guillaume,

    Short reply: No Icy doesn’t rely on maven for compilation and you can find repository here:

    But soon Icy will rely on maven and repository address will change (gitlab instead of github) but it may be different from the maven project you’re depending on. I guess the guy who initially developed the plugin was using maven with a ‘cloned’ Icy repository and used maven to manage it. Still i don’t understand why the plugin required Icy sources, you can just use the icy.jar file (that you can find on Icy-App github repository: ) as dependency to compile your plugin.

    Hope that helps.

    – Stephane

    Guillaume Gay

    Hi Stephane, thank you for the reply,

    Yes you’re right I don’t need the source, just the jar files (I’m new to java development). Now I’m hunting for the version of the plugins the previous dev included in the project.

    Thanks again for the help!



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