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  • Karim

    Hello everyone !

    I created a protocol to export the roi stat from roi detected through spot detector (used it to detect patterns in one channel and analyse the intensity from another channel). The excel file that is generated give me several lines corresponding to the different file analysed (batch processing) but the name of the analysed file remain the same so I can’t match the results with the file that is analysed.

    Can you fix that ?




    Stephane Dallongeville

    Hello Karim,

    Thanks for your report, indeed it looks like the field full path only returns folder information for some reasons, we will fix that ! But you can still use Dataset field in the meantime to distinguish different image (it works as expected).


    – Stephane



    Indeed the full bath is the same since it is the root of the folder batch analysis but the dataset field return the same file name for the whole batch (I guess the first file that was analysed).

    As depicted below, what seems to be 2 different files (in blue and red) display the same dataset name.

    Dataset issue

    P.S. Can we upload files on the forum ?

    Stephane Dallongeville

    Did you check if you properly connected the Sequence input to the ROI statistics block ? If you can, can you pack 2 images and your protocol in a zip file (i’m not sure we can attach file right now on the forum except image but we will try to work that out) so we could test it out and try to figure what is the problem here. Thanks !

    – Stephane

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