Clipper – A polygon clipping library

Publication ID: ICY-84324

Short Description

A Polygon clipper for Java

Polygon Clipper is a library to execute various boolean operations (Union, Difference, XOR, etc.) on arbitrary 2D polygons, e.g. calculate the area in which two polygons overlap.


Implementation taken from Tobias Mahlmann’s github repo

It’s a 1:1 Java portation of the Clipper project developed by Angus Johnson, which as an implementation of the algorithm proposed by Bala R. Vatti. I just converted the code to Java 8, based on his C# Clipper version 6.4.2. If you’re interested in the documentation or have questions regarding the algorithm, please head over to his homepage.

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  • Version • Released on: 2021-05-11 17:13:33

    First version