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To be used with ec_clemv2 as a viewer (only in 2D for now). Preserve full resolution.

Team: ANR Crocoval
Institution: INSERM CNRS Univ-Nantes



  • open the image considered as the target image in the ec-clem , Change viewer to “correlative view” (instead of 2D viewer, 3D viewer, Orthoslice viewer…)
  • use the opened dialog to load the source image
  • use the next openned dialog to load the transformation file (FROM SOURCE TO TARGET Transfotrmation.xml, not the schema.xml) .
  • You can play on the transparency mixing in the overlay panel of icy.
  • Tip: you can always inverse a transformation schema using invert transformation schema in ec-clemv2 in order to compute the inverse transforme if you need one image to be the source instead of target. Data from Koutanadis et al, Cell 2020 (available on Zenodo)

Demo video:

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