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    this is a first for me but active contours creates ROIs outside of hte image bounds…

    I also reported several bugs with active contour.. might this be the problem?





    he following error is reported only on first occurence :
    org.pushingpixels.substance.api.UiThreadingViolationException: State tracking must be done on Event Dispatch Thread
    at org.pushingpixels.substance.internal.utils.SubstanceCoreUtilities.testThreadingViolation(
    at org.pushingpixels.substance.internal.animation.StateTransitionTracker$ModelStateInfo.clear(
    at org.pushingpixels.substance.internal.animation.StateTransitionTracker.onModelStateChanged(
    at org.pushingpixels.substance.internal.animation.StateTransitionTracker$4.stateChanged(
    at javax.swing.DefaultButtonModel.fireStateChanged(
    at javax.swing.JToggleButton$ToggleButtonModel.setSelected(
    at javax.swing.AbstractButton.setSelected(
    at plugins.adufour.roi.ROIMeasures$MeasureSelector.loadParameters(
    at plugins.adufour.roi.ROIMeasures$MeasureSelector.valueChanged(
    at plugins.adufour.roi.ROIMeasures$MeasureSelector.valueChanged(
    at plugins.adufour.vars.lang.Var.fireVariableChanged(
    at plugins.adufour.vars.lang.Var.setValue(
    at plugins.adufour.vars.lang.Var.loadFromXML(
    at plugins.adufour.blocks.util.BlocksML.loadWorkFlow_V4(
    at plugins.adufour.blocks.util.BlocksML.loadWorkFlow_V4(
    at plugins.adufour.blocks.util.BlocksML.loadWorkFlow(
    at plugins.adufour.protocols.gui.ProtocolPanel.loadWorkFlow(
    at plugins.adufour.protocols.gui.MainFrame$
    at java.util.concurrent.Executors$
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

    Alexandre Dufour

    Hi Debbi,

    FYI your link points to a protected page, so hard to see what’s going wrong.

    Anyways, could you send a screenshot of the parameters you used to get there?




    I get the exact same issue, did you managed to solve it ?

    Active contour out of bound KM

    In this image, I reduced the max iterations to 10.000 but usually it is around 50.000 so you can guess that it goes way outside the limit of the image.

    Stephane Dallongeville

    Hi Karim,

    We are now using the forum so it’s better to post on it now.

    I’m replying here as you weren’t aware probably, about your issue, latest versions of Active Contours should manage that better (but not yet perfectly, it can still go outbound sometime). Did you check that you’re actually using the last version of the plugin ? Also i saw you’re using contour inflation parameter with a high value, maybe reducing it will help avoiding that problem.


    – Stephane

    Alex Nazar

    Anyways, could you send a screenshot of the parameters you used to get there?

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