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  • Frederic Marion-Poll

    dear all,

    when one create a ROI with multiple points, I would like to select a subset of the points by:

    – drag the mouse = select all “points” within a rectangle

    – clicking one point (A), press shift + click another point (B) = selects all points between A and B

    – click point (A), + press Ctrl + click point (B) (etc) = selects A and B

    Is it possible? I am generating 2D polypoints lines with section that need to be edited. Currently, the only way I have found is to select and delete/edit individual point.

    Any help, suggestion would be appreciated. I did not find how to do this programmatically by looking (superficially) at portions of Icy code. Sorry if this is a trivial question!



    Stephane Dallongeville

    Hi Frederic,

    There is no way of editing multiple points at the same time. Do you want to move all those selected points in the same way ? To be honest it would be difficult to add that feature given the current implementation / logic about how ROI works (as you can see only 1 point can be “focused” at once).

    I think that would require a specific development but again i hardly see how do it.

    Currently the rectangle selection is already used to select a group of ROI (and not directly the control point). It could be eventually done using Ctrl+Click on control points but we have to see how much this is really possible to integrate it into current implementation, still we will study that possibility.

    – Stephane


    Frederic Marion-Poll

    Thank you Stephane. Yes, I would like either to move the selected points or simply to delete them.

    The polyline2D are actually used in our CapillaryTrack plugin, to delineate the limits of territories in kymographs. Sometimes, our detection algorithm is not very efficient or there is a glitch in the video (or stack of images) and we need to correct the limit locally. In my current implementation, there is one ROI point per pixel of the image detected, which makes it quite cumbersome to edit.

    At one point, I looked at your code to find how to do it, but after a day, I thought it was not really possible.


    Anyway, it would be a nice feature to add to Icy – I guess I am not the only one with this type of problem.


    Stephane Dallongeville

    If you had a look in the code, you can understand why it’s not really easy to add this feature, still we will consider it and see the best approach about how implement it without interfering / troubleshooting the current implementation. We will be honest, the feature won’t happen that soon i guess, even if we find a way to do it.


    – Stephane

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