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  • Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux

    Dear Icy dev, I am encountering, as most of my colleagues, the following disturbing behavior of EZVarsequence in EZplgg SDK. After having selected a sequence, pressing the PLAY button will systematically reset the ezvarsequence to active sequence, not the one selected anymore.

    This is happening since the latest version of ICY, while no change in the code for the sequence selection.

    Any idea what to modify or the Reason for this??


    Stephane Dallongeville

    Dear Perrine,

    In fact the annoying part is that when you selected “Active Sequence” and you close your image and re-open another one, in this case it will switch to “No Sequence” but i can’t reproduce the behavior you’re speaking about (selecting a specific Sequence then return to “Active Sequence”).

    Can you give a bit more details about how reproduce it ? Thanks.


    – Stephane

    Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux

    Hi, after some exchange with Stephane, he has fixed a small bug in EZplug. When the selected sequence name was the active sequence, and that another EZplug parameter was changed, the EZsequence was “jumping” to active sequence selection. Updating EZplug to the last updated version is solving the problem for all plugins. Thanks Stephan!

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