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  • Ashley Vanheerden

    We had an issue where if the newer version of ICY (version 2 and higher) was used, the videos we wanted to analyse took extremely long and required more memory when passing through the intensity projection tool compared to the older version (version 1.8.0) which didn’t require as much memory and handled the videos (that were 4-8 seconds long) very quickly with the intensity projection tool. Could this be an issue with the newer ICY versions? Protocol is pasted below:

    Final work_protocol_ICY_Exflagellation.protocol_screenshot.png

    We also have a problem in that our protocol gives ROS numbers that differs from the ROS numbers obtained when manually reading the videos with ROS Statistics, even though the exact same parameters are being used. I saw this problem was already posted and solved however, the solution to the problem is somewhat unclear to me. Could you please elaborate on how to adjust our protocol so we could obtain the same results as manually reading the videos? Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

    Marion Louveaux

    Dear Ashley Vanheerden,

    We migrated on the forum and this forum is now closed. You can get more info here.

    Could you please re-post your question on the image forum and in the optionnal tags, write “icy”? This way the Icy team, but also the whole bioimage analysis community can help you and benefit from the answer.

    Many thanks in advance and see you soon on the forum!

    Best regards,

    Marion, for the Icy team

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