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  • Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux


    when I try to save an .avi file as different files or as a single file (tif, png jpg) , whatever it was opened with bioformat or xuggle, some images get set to null (values black) and I am getting several  java exception Cannot load image data: Sequence importer is closed.
    IcyBufferedImage.loadDataFromImporter() warning: cannot get image from ImageProvider (possible data loss).

    Any clue?



    Stephane Dallongeville

    Hi Perrine,

    When does the error happen exactly ? When you’re saving the AVI file ? or when you try to re-open the saved file ? That would help in reproducing the problem. Thanks.

    – Stephane

    Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux

    Thanks this bug is solved in .

    ( I think this is this one: fixed empty (black) image when opening multi-series Sequence (shared importer was closed))

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