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  • IcyLyd

    Hi, I would like in a protocol to convert my Sequence in 8bit RGB file using the same colormap and the display (lower and uper limit histogram) used in the emmbeded xml.

    I tried to use the “convert color” block in protocol. It worked but does not use the colormap nor the display. I could not find how to specify the lut in the Convert block. By linking a colormap, it seems that they are incompatible variable. But I could not find, “get Lut from sequence” block or any block mentionning the term LUT.

    How can I do ?

    Many thanks.

    Stephane Dallongeville

    Hi Lydia,

    You just need to use the Sequence Screenshot block to do that (it does a rendering of current sequence view).


    – Stephane

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