ICY is great, I use it all the time for my research.

Would you care to write a quick article showing how you used ICY and the kind of results it got you? Hey, you may even get your work to be noticed, or meet colleagues willing to share their own thoughts on your results!

I know ICY so well I could be the one that coded it.
Except I don’t code.

You can still be helpful.
Lots of people out there are new at using the soft and could really use your expertise. Wanna organise a little training at work (and show your boss you’re worth a little raise) (though that’s secondary, right)? What about answering a few questions on the forum, and making new friends at the same time?

I’m basically a JAVA newbie, there’s not much I can help with.

This is open source, dude, you just code whatever the hell you want. Why not even train a bit by developing a very simple plugin that realises just one or two basics operations? We can use that!

I’m researcher & I know where my terminal is.

Let’s try not to look desperate here: we need you.
You can contribute by creating a new plugin, a protocol, a script, you name it. We know it takes time, but isn’t helping research move forward the very idea of the job? The next time we’ll see you around at a conference, we’ll buy you one of that free coffee... oh, wait.

I’m basically a coding master.

Oh, hello you.
ICY is an open-source software, development never ends. Would you like to enter the secret chamber of the ICY foundations with us? We’re not weird, pinky swear.