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DeepClas4BioIcyKvasir is an Icy plugin that allows users to classify a batch of images using a model trained in the Kvas [..]

Created on: 13 Feb 2019
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Modified: 13 Feb 2019

This plugin library offers vars useful when working with Protocols. Examples are: - VarDimension: allows to specify an [..]

Created on: 23 Jan 2019
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Modified: 23 Jan 2019

QuantEv (track processor) allows to visualize and quantitatively compare the spatio-temporal distribution of track featu [..]

Created on: 05 Nov 2018
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Modified: 05 Nov 2018

Collection of plugin for Fourier optic

Created on: 03 Oct 2018
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Modified: 21 Nov 2018

Alternative to the default bioformat tif saving: simply convert the image to ImageJ and use the faster IJ saving. Save the metadata in the icy xml.

Created on: 08 Aug 2018
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Modified: 08 Aug 2018

TubeSkinner is a dimensionality reduction tool, that maps the fluorescence intensity over a 3D tubular structure onto a [..]

Created on: 04 Aug 2018
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Modified: 04 Aug 2018

DeepClas4BioIcy is a plugin that connects Icy with DeepClas4Bio API -- an API that facilitates the interoperability of b [..]

Created on: 06 Jun 2018
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Modified: 28 Sep 2018

This block draw color crosses from arrays of 2D localizations. It is particularly useful for data mapping and visualization of STORM images.

Created on: 24 Feb 2018
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Modified: 24 Feb 2018

Ensemble of blocks that implement SODA method for confocal and super-resolution microscopy, in 2 and 3 dimensions

Created on: 23 Feb 2018
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Modified: 12 Aug 2018

Library classes used by FPBioimage for upload to AWS

Created on: 18 Feb 2018
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Modified: 21 Feb 2018

This block implements the DBSCAN algorithm in 2D and 3D.

Created on: 16 Feb 2018
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Modified: 22 Feb 2018

This protocol’s block draws 3D spheres with VTK from a list of cartesian coordinates (x,y,z). It is used by SODA-STORM [..]

Created on: 16 Feb 2018
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Modified: 16 Feb 2018

This plugin aims at simulating 2D time-lapse Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microscope images of endocytosis.

Created on: 09 Feb 2018
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Modified: 09 Feb 2018

Creates a chessboard image from two given images with same size. The size of the chessboard tile can be adjusted with the square size parameter

Created on: 04 Jan 2018
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Modified: 12 Mar 2018

Flip any sequence (different from a 180 degres rotation). Also available as a block in protocols

Created on: 22 Nov 2017
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Modified: 23 Nov 2017

Yes, it is finally here. A user-friendly interface to Docker, letting you run containers within your plug-ins in no time.

Created on: 11 Sep 2017
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Modified: 19 Jul 2018

This plugin starts from a sequence (2D, 3D, time..) with several channels, (as obtained using the Merge Channel tool) [..]

Created on: 23 Aug 2017
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Modified: 10 Oct 2017