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  • Dariana Torres Rivera


    I’m trying to do spot tracking on Icy. It works for the first run, but when I try a second run the system crashes and it says that requires a Java update. I tried installing the JDK 8 version, 64 bit for windows 10 but the problem persists. I’ll appreciate if someone could help me.

    Thank you,


    Marion Louveaux

    Dear Dariana Torres Rivera,

    We migrated on the image.sc forum and this forum is now closed. You can get more info here: https://icy.bioimageanalysis.org/support/topic/icy-forum-is-closed/

    Could you re-post the description of the issue you encountered on https://forum.image.sc/ with the tag “icy”  ? On top of the information you already provided, it would be helpful for us to know the Icy version you use (bottom right corner of the graphical user interface), to have the content of the “Output” tab just after starting Icy (right side panel) and to see a screenshot of the exact error message you see when the system crashes.

    Many thanks in advance and see you soon on the image.sc forum.

    Best regards,

    Marion, for the Icy team

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