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  • Maria Parreira

    Hi all!

    I’m new to image data processing and especially to Icy. I was wondering why is it that, even though the ROIs on the ROI separator appear as having integer pixel coordinates, when I try to export them to excel I obtain positions that have decimal precision. I’m working with polygon contour ROIs (from the Active Contours plugin).

    Because I’ll be studying the trajectory of each ROI (which represents a nucleus) on a different platform, it’s important that I understand how the center coordinates (Center X and Center Y) of each ROI are calculated.


    Thank you advance for your help! I could find the answer to this question anywhere.

    Marion Louveaux

    Dear Maria Parreira,

    We migrated on the forum and this forum is now closed. You can get more info here.

    Could you please re-post your question on the image forum and in the optionnal tags, write “icy”? This way the Icy team, but also the whole bioimage analysis community can help you and benefit from the answer.

    As you say that you are new to image analysis and Icy in particular, I take the opportunity to mention the webinar I made for NEUBIAS Academy @home on Icy:


    And to mention the tutorial on Active Contour that my colleagues recently published.

    Many thanks in advance and see you soon on the forum!

    Best regards,

    Marion, for the Icy team

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