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Download Icy - Version

Icy is free and open source (license GPLv3)

Click here to download the multi-platform version ( Windows 32/64bits - Mac OS X 64bis - Linux )

Icy requires at least java 7 to work but we recommend to use Java 8.
You can download the last java version from here :
If you are using a 64 bits OS, be sure to download the 64 bits version of Java.

  • Note that if you only have java 6 on your system, you can download an older version of Icy ( You can find the download link at bottom of this page.
  • Starting from Icy the VTK library has been upgraded to version 6.3 and now uses the new OpenGL2 back-end for rendering. That means older graphics card may not support VTK 3D rendering anymore. The same is true for older Mac OSX systems (<= 10.6.X) which don't support the new OpenGL based components for VTK. If you really need to use VTK and it's not supported anymore on your system, you may stick with an older version of Icy ( You can find the download link at bottom of this page.
  • Mac OSX users: You need to install JDK 8 (and not JRE) otherwise Java won't be recognized. If Icy doesn't start on your system, use Ctrl+click on 'osx-appfix' file and open it, you should now be able to start Icy normally.
  • Windows users: Do not install Icy in the Program Files folder or the auto update process may fail because of missing write permission (C:\Icy is a good alternative).
  • Linux users: By default Icy now includes the VTK binaries (with java binding) but you may experience incompatibilities depending your distribution (tested on Ubuntu and Mint only), in this case you may need to install (or compile) the dedicated VTK package for your distribution.

  • Previous versions of Icy (requires java 7 or above):
    Older(s) version of Icy (require Java 6 or above):