Interactive counter. Click on the sequence to add detection, see number of detection in ROIs directly over the sequence.

Created on: 08 Apr 2014
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Modified: 14 Apr 2014

This script exports the ROI infos to an excel file. Here we just show it as an example for min, mean and max intensity for each ROI.

Created on: 19 Feb 2014
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Modified: 19 Feb 2014

Detection script with post processing: box around mass center of each detection and display a ROI. Computes the sum of pixel.

Created on: 08 Mar 2013
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Modified: 03 Sep 2015

For each ROI, computes the number of pixel over a threshold. This plugin also provides the density and outputs results as an excel file.

Created on: 03 Oct 2012
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Modified: 18 Aug 2016

This tool cuts existing ROIs by an angle using the graphical protractor tool. This plugin also enable pie cut or ROI.

Created on: 27 Sep 2012
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Modified: 15 Jun 2013

Creates ROI rings from existing ROI Each ROI are substracted by the first ROI of smaller surface.

Created on: 27 Sep 2012
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Modified: 22 Oct 2012

Creates a colocalization scatter plot based on 2 channels. This plugin can take 1 ROI as input, and provides the data to build the bubble excel graph.

Created on: 18 Sep 2012
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Modified: 18 Sep 2012

Performs tests and write a diagnose file that can be used to understand user problem and to debug Icy.

Created on: 12 Sep 2012
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Modified: 23 May 2014

The track manager enables the use of DSP-like trackProcessors. This can affect the display of tracks, selection in time [..]

Created on: 24 Mar 2011
4 reviews
Modified: 04 Jun 2020

Manage a list of ROIs that the user can store and pop back in one click.

Created on: 07 Mar 2011
1 review
Modified: 09 Jun 2011

Create a list of tag and apply them to ROIs. Multi tag per ROI Tags are stored in sequence (persistent). Compatible [..]

Created on: 07 Mar 2011
1 review
Modified: 29 Aug 2011

Projects data over Z-Stack or over Time, using max, min, mean, sum saturated, and sum unsaturated. Sum saturated means t [..]

Created on: 21 Feb 2011
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Modified: 19 Feb 2013

Spot detector detects and counts spots. – Detects spots in noisy images 2D/3D. – Depending on objective, spo [..]

Created on: 09 Feb 2011
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Modified: 04 Jun 2019